Massive VectorayGen Improvements Incoming: Node Graphs, New UI & More.

December 10, 2017

We've got news from the back end on huge quality improvements for VectorayGen. Things have been picking up tremendous speed and we're close to ending our beta program and releasing version 1.0.

New features that you'll see below include:

  • Intuitive node graph editor
  • New particle shading
  • New Vector field visualization shading
  • No more floating windows, create and save your layout as you please
  • Selecting a node signals what you see in the preview, and it is what you can export

Everything that you see below is work in progress.

Here's a list of the latest nodes:

Node Demonstrations:

Line Fade: Fades to or from a line in any axis that you choose. You can fade from -1 to 1 or any other numbers. Attract, repel, and fade, its up to you.


Point Fade: Fades vectors towards or away from a point. This point can be moved anywhere space and multiple point fades can be combined to create attractors.


Radial Select: Allows you to do a hard interpolation between two vector fields within a radius of your choice. We may add different selection modes soon.

More tools and improvements will follow soon.

  • Spline Editor
  • Flows around and inside meshes
  • Better File Exporting (no more accidental overwrites)
  • VR Painter Vector Field Painting
  • 3d Vector Field Painting

This new release is slated for the end of December.

-JangaFX Dev Team

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