VectorayGen 1.01 Released!

*Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when pasting your license key into the validator.
  • Fixed crash when pasting things that aren't node script into the node graph.
  • Fixed crash when clearing all nodes, that cleared the nodes alright.
  • Fixed crash when increasing the node density.
  • Fixed crash when closing tabs. We have a menu that lets you do this now.
  • Fixed bug where if you tried to spawn a node, but your cursor was highlighting another through the menu, the new node wouldn't spawn.
  • Fixed bug where deleting a node would cause you to accidentally delete the wrong one by hovering over it when clicking the
    delete button.

*Features added

Top Menu & UI:

  • New font added to enhance readability.
  • New View Menu Options: You are now able to show and hide tabs at your leisure. Hurray for customization.
  • Help & Tutorials Menu Option: Now takes you to the proper tutorials.
  • Updated Troubleshooting Menu Option.
  • Cleaned up various tabs to make them more organized.
  • Added 'animate" option to the interpolation node. This lets you animate the interpolation value through a cosine wave.
  • Currently, you can't export animated vector fields.


  • Added vector field bounding box scaling options. Along with the reference units, you can scale the bounding box to any length you'd like. If you want to override any values, just CTRL + LMB in any input box.
  • Added vector field reference units. By default UE4 and Unity both use the 256 option. Even if you select "1 meter" this is still extremely small, 1cm by 1cm by 1cm in ue4, since game engines can't distinguish between bounding box size default units.
  • Added a spawn origin option so you can change the origin where your particles spawn.
  • Added an option to change the particle count (0 to 100,000). Not overridable yet.

Node Graph:

  • Delete key on your keyboard now deletes nodes and node connections.
  • You can now right click connections and click the delete option.


Go give it a try!

- JangaFX Dev Team

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