VectorayGen 1.03.5 Released! - Clamp, Map, and Curl Nodes Added


We've released a new version of VectorayGen.

Here's the changelog:

- Updated GUI.
- Clamp node: Clamps the length of vectors.
- Map node: Re-maps the length of vectors from one interval to another.
- Curl node: Computes the curl of the vector field.
- Icons and fonts are now embedded.
- Windows/panels can now detatch from the main window. Grab and pull a tab to undock, and hold SHIFT to dock to an already existing panel.
- Moved the update message to the main menu bar instead of as a popup.
- Indicators now default to wireframes shading in the preview, but can be toggled opaque.
- Meshes now default to opaque shading in the preview, but wireframe can be toggled.

The curl node tends to make vector fields pleasingly swirly.

Til' next time.

-The JangaFX Team


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