We Launched A New Forum!

We launched a new forum!

The release of our upcoming beta is mere weeks away and to ensure that we can answer common questions and continue to build our community, we decided to launch a forum centered around the discussion of our software and VFX. We want you to be able to easily connect with other users and ourselves in a format other than our discord server or facebook group. The great thing about the forum is that it's searchable and common questions can be indexed in google so that you can find answers faster.

If you need a place to share your work, get feedback on a demo reel, or just participate in water cooler talk, we've got places on the forum for all of that! We want you to help us create a place where information flows freely and create valuable discussions for everyone. Lets advance real-time graphics together and continue to push the industry towards adopting real-time tools. We need your help in building a community, so join the forum and start a discussion!

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