EmberGen Beta Release Notes

EmberGen Beta Release Notes

A great new build of EmberGen is out with quite the change list! Lots of quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Launch EmberGen and click Update Available in the top left to update, or run wyupdate.exe in your install folder.

Breaking Changes:

  • All noise functionality, like Shape, Force and Wind is reworked to fix seeding issues and remove bias.
    • This might break some presets that rely on a specific noise pattern, but should be fixable by adjusting the parameters. The included presets are adjusted accordingly.

New Features:

  • Point Light node.
  • Shadow catcher: Transparent ground with shadows.
  • Uniform color ground
  • Custom export background color if Uniform Color is used for the background in the Scene node.
    • This is useful to set the color values of fully transparent pixels to something similar to the rendered smoke.
  • Popup when there's a new update available.
  • Slider widget expressions.
    • You can now type something like 3 * 4 + 1 and it evaluates to 13.
    • Supports many common functions, like sqrt and log.


  • Most widgets in the Export Image node will "multicast".
    • If you have multiple Export Image nodes selected then changing one widget changes all the node's widgets.
  • Better selection highlight in dropdown.
  • Add product string and expiry date to license manager log.
  • Textboxes should now pan and clip properly when overfilled
    • Useful for long file names and labels.
  • Changed the default preset to include a VDB export node and an Image export node.
  • The flipbook player now shows the actual sprite size when selecting a sprite.
  • Adds a Known Issues section to the Node Info panel for relevant nodes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Deleting multiple selected nodes now works
  • Panning node graph while holding SHIFT no longer box selects.
  • No longer crashes when trying to export an empty flipbook.
  • Dropdowns now draw correctly with mouse pointer in a different window
  • Animated noises, including shape, force, wind chaos, disturbance and pressure injection should now loop properly.
  • Gradient normals should now work correctly when smoke + fuel scattering is 0.
  • The flipbook player should now display and select sprites correctly when using non-equal aspect ratios. Known issues (non-exhaustive):
  • You currently have to type 0.5 instead of .5 in slider expressions, as the latter will currently fail.
  • Turbulence and Upscaling will not loop properly.
  • Only a single Mesh/Vector Field/Light/Volume/Scene/Capture node at a time is supported
  • Point Light interacts poorly with colliders.
  • Only static meshes (FBX and OBJ) are currently currently,
  • VDB exports might crash on upscaling. A reproducable setup would be appreciated.

Updated Presets:

  • 004_Burnout
  • 008_Shed
  • 010-Tornado
  • 011-FireTornado
  • 014-Moving-Fireball
  • 015_oil_fire_02
  • 017_aircraft_Flares_shrinking
  • 024_bullet_impact_metal
  • 031_dry_ice_pipe
  • 032_dry_ice_pipe_02
  • 039_game_explosions
  • 052_quick_explosion_sparks
  • 059_spark_explosion_02
  • 060_torch_fire
  • 064_looping_smoke_puff
  • 065_fireball_burst
  • 071_explosion_fireball

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