EmberGen 0.5.6 Release Notes


  • Force activity toggle to all force types
  • Force falloff controls for points and line force
  • A separate ‘additional pressure’ parameter added to point and line forces
  • High quality gradient rendering option to the ‘settings’, this reduces harsh banding.
  • vorticity ramp parameter.
  • Gas pressure release, this adds additional pressure and expands the simulation as fuel burns
  • Volume post processing modulation controls
  • Allow smoke, temperature, fuel and flames to be advected at different rates.
  • The color of hot smoke during combustion can be amplified by adding blackbody coloring.
  • Split ‘Advection Method’ into ‘Advection Method’ and ‘Advection Accuracy’
  • Allow skipping BFECC velocity
  • Improved flipbook packing and playback controls
  • The display size of the Preview, Raytracer and Export viewports are now all controlled by a image size parameter in the Camera node.
  • Perpetual license support
  • Allow changing Emitter and Volume parameters when no Simulation node is connected


  • New default preset
  • Raymarching accelerator pass, this should now also work while exporting
  • UI efficiency and responsiveness
  • Make text more clear and consistent
  • Disable the Generate button in export nodes when no Simulation node is connected
  • Accept negative ground distance and clip the rendering accordingly (also for GPU particles)
  • Flipbooks are saveable at any time during the generation process
  • Redesigned license manager
  • Changed default camera reset button from C to G to prevent accidental resets when copying from the node graph


  • Repeat Simulation and Loop Timeline are no longer linked to Loop Simulation bounds
  • Fixed a zero position offset bug
  • Fixed Bloom and Scattering
  • Fixed Show Temperature when upscaling
  • Fixed alpha blending
  • Additional pressure now works correctly after resizing
  • Temperature at the boundary is now set to ambient temperature instead of zero
  • Correctly handle upper and lower looping bounds

Known issues:

  • Shaders can take a long time to compile the first time it opens
  • Trying to close EmberGen while it’s exporting might freeze.
  • There’s a bug in Preview mode while running the simulation where the UI gets very unresponsive even while the simulation is paused, try going to the Raytracer mode and back to Preview to improve the UI responsiveness.
  • The simulation and rendering might freeze if left running for a very long time. The only way to fix it is to restart.

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