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Are you looking for a platform to distribute your game development middleware on? We've got you covered. It's understandable that sometimes tool creators like yourself may not be too interested in handling the business end of things, but you're interested in selling your own tools, which is why we're extending a helping hand. What [...]

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VectorayGen 1.02.6 Change Log

Download Now! Documentation: We now have documentation! Nodes: A Noise node has been added which uses value noise. The parameters exposed are seed, octaves, amplitude, frequency, lacunarity, and gain. Main Menu Bar: The main menu bar has been revamped. Added the ability to report a bug via our new GitHub page. New/Open/Save Project should ask [...]

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VectorayGen 1.02.5 Has Been Released!

DOWNLOAD VECTORAYGEN NOW Changelog 1.02.5: Box Selection: You can select multiple nodes at once using a box select by left clicking and dragging. Holding CTRL appends to the current selection. Clicking selected nodes and dragging will move all selected nodes (and connections) at once. Right-clicking a group of selected nodes will give you the [...]

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Update: VectorayGen 1.01 – Lots of fixes inbound

*Bug FixesFixed crash when pasting your license key into the validator.Fixed crash when pasting things that aren't node script into the node graph.Fixed crash when clearing all nodes, that cleared the nodes alright.Fixed crash when increasing the node density.Fixed crash when closing tabs. We have a menu that lets you do this now.Fixed bug where [...]

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Massive VectorayGen Improvements: Node Graphs, New UI & More. December 10th, 2017

We've got news from the back end on huge quality improvements for VectorayGen. Things have been picking up tremendous speed and we're close to ending our beta program and releasing version 1.0. Our latest builds of VectorayGen give you more power, control, and stability as we aim to roll out new game changing features. New [...]

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Vector Fields in Unity? Is it true?

UPDATE: 7/6/2018 - Version 2.0 of our plugin has been released! It was completely re-coded from scratch and includes more features than ever. Yup! Its true, we've managed to get vector fields inside of Unity via our latest plugin. By using our software, VectorayGen, you can generate amazing vector fields for your projects. Initially you [...]

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VectorayGen 0.15.1 – HOTFIX

VectorayGen 0.15.1-Beta HOTFIX has been released. Recently, we've gotten a massive influx of emails and messages from artists who use VectorayGen. These emails were all on the topic of the software not starting, SLI/Crossfire Graphics Configs crashing the software, and misc constant crashes. We believe this was due to a combination of new Windows Updates, [...]

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VectorayGen 0.15.0-Beta Released – Available for Purchase Now

Tired of spending hours trying to make vector fields in other programs? VectorayGen is the premier VFX Tool for creating extremely useful and beautiful vector fields in minutes. Creating and exporting vector fields from VectorayGen to Unreal Engine 4 takes just a few seconds. Create, Generate, Import into UE4 and that's it. VectorayGen 0.15.0-Beta Features: [...]

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