EmberGen Development 2018-03-01T11:05:46+00:00

Real Time 3D Fluid Simulations

EmberGen is a real-time smoke & fire simulation software that is still in the Pre-Alpha state of development, and we’re doing R&D to achieve the most realistic results possible on current GPUs.

Here are our current or planned features:

  • High Quality Renders
  • Real-Time Simulation directly on the GPU (atleast 30 FPS)
  • Expandable Grid/Simulation Areas
  • Generate a 2D sprite sheet of the simulation in seconds
  • Import 3d models and interact with the fluid simulation
  • Draw splines for the fluids to follow
  • Import vector fields for the software to use in simulations
  • Edit colors using gradients and heat based rendering
  • Render out high quality simulations for use in film & games
  • And Much More!

In our latest builds, we’re getting 40-50 FPS on a GTX 980M and 110-115 FPS on a GTX 1080.

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