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Join The Team!

Want to work for a fun, innovative, and fast paced software company? We’ve got you covered! We’re working on some of the most advanced tools in the industry and we’d love to have you come aboard our ship!

We’re actively looking for Software Developers & Graphics Programmers who have these qualifications:

  • Strong Mathematical Backgrounds
  • Strong Knowledge of C++ (the newer the standards the better).
  • Strong Knowledge of Graphics APIs such as OpenGL/CL & Vulkan. (We use Vulkan)
  • The Ability to Work Well With Others.
  • The Desire to Improve Artists Workflow and Lives!

**A few things to include in your message:

  • Number of Years of Experience with C++
  • Do you have any graphics experience?
  • Do you have any experience building tools?
  • Do you have any experience in game development or art workflows?
  • Do you have something special to offer to the team that we may not know of?

Fill out the form below if you’re interested! This is a remote position.