Learn everything from using VectorayGen, to getting your vector fields in both UE4 and Unity.

Tutorial 01: Complete overview of all settings and the UI

In this tutorial, we go over every setting inside of VectorayGen when it comes to visualizing and creating your vector fields. Though the tutorial is a bit long, we describe everything from start to finish so that you aren't left wondering what is and isn't possible.

Tutorial 02: Constant Node

Learn how to use the Constant Node to create constant forces.

Tutorial 03: Fade Node

Learn how to use the Fade Node to create attracting and repelling forces.

Tutorial 04: Random (noise) Node

Learn how the Random Node is used to create seeded uncorrelated noise.

Tutorial 05: Power Node

Learn how to utilize the Power Node.

Tutorial 06: Rotate Node

Learn how to use the Rotate node to create vector fields with rotational motion.

Tutorial 07: Scale Node

Learn how the Scale Node allows you to scale the lengths of vectors.

Tutorial 08: Swizzle Node

Learn how to swizzle vectors with the Swizzle Node.

Tutorial 09: Translate Node

Learn how to use the Translate Node to skew vectors in the direction of your choice without having to use a constant node + interpolation.

Tutorial 10: Exporting your vector fields to Unreal Engine 4

Learn how to import your vector fields from VectorayGen into Unreal Engine 4. Then you'll learn how to use that vector field to create a black hole that devours stars.

Tutorial 11: Select Node - Our most powerful node!

Learn how to use the select node to create complex vector fields. The select node allows you to select vectors from node chain A based on an SDF shape. The vectors that are not selected will be filled in with the secondary node chain B. This gives you incredible control over what vectors go where.

Tutorial 12: Mesh Node (Airflow around imported meshes.

Learn how to use the Mesh node to generate static flows around imported objects. This node is great when you want to simulate wind blowing around an object. *Note*: This is NOT a CFD simulation and should not be used for engineering purposes.

Unity Vector Field Plugin

Unity Vector Field Plugin Tutorial 01: Feature Overview

Learn how all of the features in our Unity Vector Field Plugin work!

Unity Vector Field Plugin Tutorial 02: Using Vector Fields with the Visual Effects Graph

Learn how to convert imported .fga vector fields from VectorayGen (or your software of choice) to 3D textures, so that you can use them within the new Unity Visual Effects Graph.

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