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JangaFX – Real Time VFX Software

Real Time Vector Field Generator 

VectorayGen is a standalone real time vector field generation software. No more waiting for vector fields to simulate and export. Create an infinite number of vector fields with ease. This is not a plugin built on top of other software, so there is no need to purchase extremely expensive software!

What do vector fields do?

Vector fields provide directional velocity information to particles through what can be visualized as a 3D texture. A vector field allows particles to move in unique ways that typically isn’t possible without complicated simulations.

Current Features:

  • Real-time 3D Preview
  • A plethora of math operators to control how your vector field looks
  • Simulate particles directly in the 3D Preview
  • 1:1 export to UE4 or Unity in seconds
  • Generate any vector field for any need
  • Great for VR Applications

You can use vector fields from VectorayGen in Unity by clicking here!

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Real Time 3D Fluid Simulations

EmberGen is a real-time smoke & fire simulation software that is still in the Pre-Alpha state of development, and we’re doing R&D to achieve the most realistic results possible on current GPUs.

Here are our current or planned features:

  • High Quality Renders
  • Real-Time Simulation directly on the GPU (atleast 30 FPS)
  • Expandable Grid/Simulation Areas
  • Generate a 2D sprite sheet of the simulation in seconds
  • Import 3d models and interact with the fluid simulation
  • Draw splines for the fluids to follow
  • Import vector fields for the software to use in simulations
  • Edit colors using gradients and heat based rendering
  • Render out high quality simulations for use in film & games
  • And Much More!

In our latest builds, we’re getting 40-50 FPS on a GTX 980M and 110-115 FPS on a GTX 1080.

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