Vector Fields in Unity? Is it true?

UPDATE: 7/6/2018 – Version 2.0 of our plugin has been released! It was completely re-coded from scratch and includes more features than ever.

Yup! Its true, we’ve managed to get vector fields inside of Unity via our latest plugin.

By using our software, VectorayGen, you can generate amazing vector fields for your projects. Initially you could only export our files for Unreal Engine 4, but with our new Unity plugin, you can use the same vector fields.


– Use vector fields to control both particles and rigid bodies.
– Animate vector field intensity, tolerance, and multipliers with the built in curve editor.
– Virtually no limit on how many vector fields you can use to affect particles and rigid bodies.
– Choose which vector fields affect specific particle systems or rigid bodies.
– Spawn particles on the edges, at the vector origins, on the bounding box faces, or within the fields volume for ultimate control.
– Complete control over how the vector field is visualized in the editor.
– New scripts that seamlessly integrate vector fields directly into particle systems and the editor.
– GPU 3D Texture support for the graphically inclined. (Will be used to create GPU Particles in the next update)


– 10 Vector Fields to get you started.
– 3 example scenes.
– Simple to use and versatile scripts for creating your own effects.
– Documentation and support, including tutorial videos.

Cant wait to get it? Go ahead and grab it below.

Get our Unity Vector Field Plugin


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