VectorayGen 0.15.0-Beta Released – Available for Purchase Now

Tired of spending hours trying to make vector fields in other programs? VectorayGen is the premier VFX Tool for creating extremely useful and beautiful vector fields in minutes. Creating and exporting vector fields from VectorayGen to Unreal Engine 4 takes just a few seconds. Create, Generate, Import into UE4 and that’s it.

VectorayGen 0.15.0-Beta Features:

  • 3D Viewport With GPU Particles (up to 8 million) and Vector Field Visualization Support
  • A plethora of math operators such as Delta, Rotation, Cross Product, Translation, Randomize & More.
  • Easy to Use UI
  • Real-Time Vector Field Updates as You Change Vector Field Settings
  • Export Batches of Randomized Vector Fields so You Can Save Time
  • Particle simulations that are addicting to watch* – *Feature, not a Bug.
  • Full Upgrade and Update Support With Any Subscription
  • & More.

Give VectorayGen 0.15.0 a Try

Here’s a screenshot of VectorayGen 0.15.0-Beta:

Viewport Video:


We also have new documentation that is currently a work in progress (unfinished).

VectorayGen Licenses: 

If you’re looking to purchase VectorayGen for you or your team, or you want to see our pricing, click the button below.

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Unity (Engine) Support: TBD

We’re partnering with to enable us to give our customers full vector field support for Unity.

If you’re looking for Gpu Particles, Vector Fields, Dynamic Vector Fields and Basic Vector Field editing inside of Unity, we’re on it.

Predicted Release: TBD.

Thank you for all of your support.

-Nick Seavert


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