VectorayGen 1.03 Released!

The time has come where VectorayGen 1.03 has been released!


  • The "Mesh" node has been added. This lets you generate vectors that go around meshes as a pseudo-airflow. You can import .obj and.fbx files and it is similar to the SDF node. The meshes are saved with the projects/presets, so it doesn't read from the local file once its imported and saved.
  • The software now automatically checks for updates on startup.
  • A 'tightness' parameter has been added, similar to Unreal Engine. A tightness of 1 means the vector field is a velocity field while a tightness of 0 means that it is an acceleration/force field.
  • We have moved to a new licensing system. There is now a 14 day trial instead of a maximum number of charges. License verification is now more robust and has a grace period for a couple of days until it has to checked again. You cannot save projects during the trial, but you can export as many vector fields as you want.
  • [BREAKING]: Changed internal coordinate system to centimeters. Vector lengths are now in cm/s, i.e. a value of 100 means 1 m/s. This means old project presets and settings will be wrong.
  • [BREAKING]: The Fade node now has a fourth parameter, a length scale. For the math inclined, the formula for the length of the vector is now min + (max - min)*(distantlength)^exponent. I.e. if min = 0, max = 100, length = 256 and exponent = 1, then the length of a vector will be 100 at a distance 256 cm away from the center.
  • SDF node added, generating flow around prefab objects. Spheres, cylinders, and boxes.
  • SDF node is now saved and loaded properly.
  • Key binding for SDF node added.
  • You can now drag-and-drop projects and presets in the node graph!
  • You can now export to more coordinate reference lengths: mm, cm, m, inches and feet.
  • The spotlight is now tethered to bounding box, placed a certain distance below it at all times.
  • The slicing option was moved from Preferences to both Vector and Particle settings.
  • Fixed a bug where connecting nodes in certain configurations failed, where a cyclic graph was erroneously detected.
  • Keybindings for the Noise and Mesh nodes were added.
  • Lots of backend cleanup.

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