A brief history of JangaFX

JangaFX was founded in 2016 by Nick Seavert, an entrepreneur who is well versed in both startups and real-time VFX. The first tool we released in 2017 was VectorayGen, a procedural vector field generator, and we’re now working on a new tool for real-time fluid simulations & flipbook creation called EmberGen.

Our core motive is to provide real-time VFX tools to artists and designers who work within video game industry. Most workflows for real-time VFX production consist of using software packages that were meant for the film/CG industry, and not tools centered around creating VFX within games and other similar real-time mediums. We’re working hard to change this sad state of affairs and provide tools built specifically for your unique needs. If you happen to be in the film or pre-viz industry, don't worry, we're working on a great new pipeline for you too!


Nick Seavert - Founder & CEO

Jeremiah Goerdt - UI/UX/Low Level Programmer

Honza Dundr - Tools & Rendering Programmer

Morten Vassvik - Co-Founder & Lead Programmer

Gil Damoiseaux - R&D/Technical Advisor

Crystina Seavert - Marketing & Web Design

Velvet Sue - Office Doggo 

Our Commitment To You

We are here to provide you or your studio with blazing fast tools that are centered around VFX for real-time applications, and we understand the importance of a fast and efficient workflow within your art pipeline. 

As a team we are committed to:

1. Providing Exceptional Customer Service – Should any questions arise about our software or VFX, we want to provide an answer immediately. We have a dedicated chat system here on our website or you can send us an email if we are offline. We are determined to providing nothing less than a pleasant service every time.

2. Listening To Your Feedback To Improve Our Software – You, the Artist or Designer, are the end user of our product. We are dedicated to ensuring that our software meets your standards and provides the features you need. We do our best to implement user suggestions and our software would not be what it is today without everyone’s continued feedback and support. Feel free to reach out at any time to suggest a new feature!

3. Following Our Mission – Our mission is to provide significant value to our customers. By creating tools that will aid in the creation of better visual effects in games, we believe we can make a positive impact on both the artists using our tools, and the tens of millions of gamers seeing the end result. We are committed to making your job easier, so you can continue to make incredible VFX for everyone else to enjoy.


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