With EmberGen, you can easily author volumetric fluid simulations in real-time on consumer level GPU's. EmberGen's workflow is tailored specifically for real-time VFX artists in the game industry, and allows you to export flipbooks instantly.

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Real-Time VFX Software

We create finely tuned tools for real-time VFX artists. Our software is built with performance and iteration speed in mind. Spend more of your precious time perfecting your visuals, rather than waiting around for other tools to finish their jobs. 

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Learn how to create AAA visuals with the guided expertise of VFX masters. Our tutorials are created with the intent to train both beginners and industry hardened veterans. Learn how to convert your raw talent into precision wizardry. 

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April 19, 2019
An Invitation To Stay In The Loop With EmberGen

We're happy to finally clear the smoky air on our next big tool, EmberGen. If you're looking to create flipbooks for explosions, fire, and smoke in real-time, without waiting for simulations and renders, then this is the tool for you! Though EmberGen is still a few months away from releasing, we're extending an invitation to […]

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February 6, 2019
VectorayGen 1.03.6 Released! - Floating Licenses

Greetings! After many requests from studios, we have added support for floating licenses for studios. See the studio tab for pricing info. What is a floating license and how does it work? Floating licenses allow installation of the software on as many workstations as needed. Licenses are managed via a Floating License server which needs to […]

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January 31, 2019
VectorayGen 1.03.5 Released! - Clamp, Map, and Curl Nodes Added

Greetings! We've released a new version of VectorayGen. Here's the changelog: - Updated GUI. - Clamp node: Clamps the length of vectors. - Map node: Re-maps the length of vectors from one interval to another. - Curl node: Computes the curl of the vector field. - Icons and fonts are now embedded. - Windows/panels can […]

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