Currently for Windows only at this time! We will have a MacOS and Linux build later this year.
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Our free trial allows you to export unlimited flipbooks, image sequences, and VDB files with no restrictions on simulation resolution or animation lengths during your trial. This 14 day trial gives you unrestricted access to the full version of EmberGen. We do ask that if you use EmberGen outputs in a project, that you purchase a license. 
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  • "It feels like cheating... I'm not spending hours tweaking settings and waiting for previews to render. It's real-time, right there, as I drag sliders finessing the final look of my effect it's happening in front of me. Then it's a simple one-click and I have a game-ready sprite sheet to use! Very well thought out program, I'm excited for my team to get to use this on our studio's games going forward."

    -- Josh Parker | Lead Visual Effects Artist at Twisted Pixel Games
  • "EmberGen is a game changer for real-time VFX artists doing pyro sims for games. The production and iteration of a sim is at least 6x faster for me now. And converting that sim to a texture atlas I can test in-game is instant. I consider this a must-have VFX production tool."

    -- Jeff Kuipers | Visual Effects Director at Alchemy VFX
  • "I have never been able to prototype effects with iteration times this small before. The time savings are huge."

    -- Jesper Bergman | VFX Artist at Sharkmob
  • "I first found Embergen when looking for pyro simulation plugins for an upcoming project. I happened to stumble upon Embergen and saw "Real-Time simulation" in the title of a video about it. I thought, "Nah, it's probably slow and limited". I decided to try out the Alpha, and I was sold. It was incredibly fast. Literally zero simulation time.

     Add more fuel? Instant. Move the emitter? Instant. Change gravity? Instant. I was blown away. Once I got access to the beta, I was even more blown away. Collisions, gradients, etc all working flawlessly and instantaneously. From a skeptic to a full believer who will now be using Embergen in any project moving forward, I can't talk highly enough of the team at JangaFX and this product."

    --Chris Lambeth | VFX Artist, Motion designer, Animator
  • “Embergen is a generation ahead of all the tools we have used for smoke and fire simulation. To be able to run this in real-time eliminates a truly time-consuming hurdle in our workflow. The support team is also the best I've ever seen in this industry.”

    --David Blaker | VFX Artist at ProductionCrate
  • "EmberGen made me feel right at home, since I’m used to procedural workflows. It's very responsive, and great fun to iterate with. It's hard to intentionally make things look bad, has tons of options to tweak and export the simulations, and a solid renderer so you know what you see is what you get. I will not be surprised if EmberGen becomes the go-to tool for VFX in the games industry, it's that good."

    --Käy Vriend | Game Dev/Material Artist


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