VectorayGen 1.03.1 Released!


We've recently released VectorayGen 1.03.1 and with that comes a brand new UI, and the shutdown of our old licensing server. If you have purchased the software in the past and are still using an old 16 digit key, it will not work anymore. You should have received an email around a month ago with your new key, however, if you can't find it, reach out to us and we will tell you what your key is.

-- 1.03.1 Change Log --

  • The GUI has been completely revamped. We've adopted a blue color scheme which is easier on the eyes and now have a consistent alignment for all settings. This should improve the overall look and feel of the software.
  • Tooltips have been changed so that they appear when hovering over most text within the software. We've re-written all tool-tips from scratch so that they are as up to date as possible.
  • The 3D viewport camera has been improved and is now functioning similarly to UE4's editor. Holding ALT results in a pivot camera. On the other hand, not holding ALT will allow you to fly around in the viewport. Left, right and middle click have different functionality - panning, zooming, and swiveling respectively.
  • Icons have been implemented for lock parameters and reset buttons.
  • Some node parameters were tweaked slightly. The Coil, Power, Multiply, and Cross nodes now scale to normalize to 1 meter.
  • The number of particles being simulated is now accurately counted instead of approximated for a large number of particles.
  • Spawning the maximum number of particles will not randomly reset the spawning of particles anymore. The maximum number of particles is 4,194,304.
  • Draw distance has been increased significantly.
  • The animate feature of the Interpolate node has been removed, as it was not possible to export this. This will return at a later point when proper animated vector fields are supported.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.

*NOTE* If your software does not update to version 1.03.1, go inside of your VectorayGen folder "Typically C:/VectorayGen" and open the wyupdate.exe. Doing so will ensure that the software is up to date.


-- New Tutorials --

We will be releasing freshly updated tutorials for the latest version of the software over the next few weeks as we record them. To get you started on what's new, here is tutorial #1 which covers every setting inside VectorayGen 1.03.1, along with all of our latest UI features.


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