VFXFG Tutorial: Brute Force Volumetrics (Volumetric Fog!)

Our second tutorial for VFX is out and this time I detail creating some brute force volumetrics within UE4 from start to finish. This is useful for vapor/gases close to the ground. There's a lot of room for improvement and expansion of this technique ranging from clouds in the sky to displaying a terrains height map for a holographic effect.

This method would likely hold up in a production environment, though there is a ton of overdraw. From our initial tests, there seems to be little to no impact on framerate by using this method, though we'd recommend you using this sparingly in larger areas when implementing this.

I recently bought a brand new microphone to help with the sound quality and volume for this specific purpose.

With a disc mesh instead of a plane:

Clouds using the same method:

Nick S.

Founder - JangaFX

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