We did it! We've finally released the beta version of EmberGen and we're really excited to get you acquainted with our new build. Throughout the rest of this week we will be continually uploading new tutorials to our YouTube channel.

We haven't released an update for EmberGen since December due to just how much the beta changes the fundamental features of EmberGen. The beta is built around our brand new node graph system that allows you to easily construct procedural simulations in seconds.

The changes to EmberGen are gigantic and it really is a brand new tool! Here's the change list:

New features:

  • Functional Node Graph
  • Better simulations and renderiong
  • Looping simulation.
  • Static meshes as emitters and colliders
  • Colliders
  • Cameras
  • Color pickers
  • Color gradients
  • Curves for the timeline
  • Autosaving/Recovery
  • HiDPI support
  • Prefers discrete graphics card over intergrated ones
  • Improved UI

Current restrictions:

  • Only a single Mesh Node can be used at a time
  • Only a single Vector Field Node can be used at a time
  • Only a single Light node can be used at a time
  • Only a single Volume/Scene/Capture node can be used at a time.
  • Bitmaps are temporarily disabled
  • Point lights are temporarily disabled
  • Old .egp presets do not work anymore, this is by design since everything is so different that few things would be able to be reproduced.
  • Color gradients only work on Smoke Color and Fire color right now.
  • No alpha for colors or color gradients yet.

Known issues:

  • Simulation looping is broken for certain parameters, in particular Turbulence, Wind and Noise, but possibly a few more.
  • Some parts of the UI might not be accounted for for HiDPI displays, and might scale a bit weird.

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