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What is VectorayGen?

VectorayGen is a real time vector field generator for Unreal Engine 4, Unity and other game engines that use vector fields. If there’s a mathematical equation for a vector field, VectorayGen can visualize, simulate, and export it instantly.

What is a vector field? A vector field is a uniform grid of vectors that influence and control the directional velocity of a particle.

We work tirelessly to make sure that VectorayGen is fast and useful to artists.

Sure, you do mathematical equations such as rotational and attraction vector fields, but what about allowing artists to have free reign over the vector fields? We’re on top of it!

Within the next few months VectorayGen will be out of beta and in a full release state. Once this happens, we’ll be offering creative tools that allow artists to directly manipulate the vector fields they produce via methods of painting vector fields in VR and using sculpting tools in 3D (more on this below).

Above Image: What VectorayGen’s Interface & Preview Looks Like.


VectorayGen VFX Showcase

The Anomaly – Created with UE4 and VectorayGen

By using the power of VectorayGen and vector fields, we were able to create this amazing cinematic piece. The turbulence of the particles is controlled by global vector fields that are placed within the scene and local vector fields within the anomalies particle systems. The combination of these two turbulence methods creates a stunning wispy smoke that instantly becomes a centerpiece of the film. Total particle count on the smoke is around 75-80,000 particles. With just a few clicks in VectorayGen we were able to generate the turbulence fields we needed for this scene, and within 20 minutes, we had the smoke effect finalized in Unreal Engine 4.

Liquid Simulation With Vector Fields

VectorayGen was used to generate the guiding velocities and direction for the liquids. The effect uses a randomized local vector field placed above a sphere emitter in Cascade. By having the particles travel through the vector field at a high velocity rather than having the particles spawn in the vector field, the particles take on a liquid like shape. The particle count is around 20,000 for the splashes.

Software Interface & Export Tutorial

What better way to show what the software can do with a short tutorial? This video should help you understand how the software works and just how fast it is. (This is part 3 in our 4 part tutorial series).

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Current and Upcoming Features


  • 3D Viewport With GPU Particles (up to 8 million) and Vector Field Visualization Support
  • Generation Support of Vector Densities Over 10 Million! (10 million Vectors Per Vector Field, Though Files are Large).
  • A Plethora of Math Operators Such as Delta, Rotation, Cross Product, Translation, Randomize & More!
  • Easy to Use UI
  • Real-Time Vector Field Updates as You Change Vector Field Settings
  • Export Batches of Randomized Vector Fields so You Can Save Time On Vector Field Creation
  • Particle Simulations That are Addicting to Watch* – *Feature, Not a Bug
  • & More!


  • Math & Operator Presets
  • 3D Vector Field Painter: Free Hand
  • Create Flow Maps With A 2D Slice of a Vector Field of Your Choice OR Paint Your Own Flow Map!
  • Create Vector Fields with Splines You Draw in VectorayGen OR From Splines Imported From UE4.
  • Import a Mesh & Generate Turbulence/Flow Fields Around it.
  • Global Vector Field Generation Around Level Layout Meshes
  • New Math Operators: Perlin Noise, Magnetic Field, Dual Point Attractors ETC
  • Attractor Tool: Drag an Attractor Into The View Port And Make Vectors Within A Certain Radius Point to it!
  • New UI Icons: Play, Pause, Restart, Next Frame
  • Particle Emitter Settings: Change Color, Emitter Shape and Size, Etc.

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